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The state of Texas takes domestic violence charges very seriously. If you are facing domestic violence charges and if you want to protect your future, you should do the same. At the Dallas Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg, we protect the rights of people facing family violence charges. Whether you face criminal domestic violence charges or a protective order has been placed against you, the sooner you take action, the more an attorney can do to protect your rights.

What Can the Right Defense do for You?
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You want to do everything you can to win domestic violence cases. A domestic violence conviction is not eligible for expungement. You have one chance to keep your record clean and avoid the potential consequences, so make sure you do everything you can to build the best possible defense.

Domestic violence charges can happen to anyone and it is only normal to have questions about the obstacles you face and the options you have available. Representing defendants from all walks of life, we protect the rights of alleged first-time offenders and repeat offenders, who usually face felony charges as a result.

In Texas domestic violence cases, credibility is hugely important. Experienced with handling these sensitive issues, we know how to protect your rights in court. We will hold the government to meet its strict burden of proof required for conviction.
We also help our clients take action outside of court that can help reduce sentencing. By helping our clients get anger management, counseling, and other services that can help prevent future problems, we demonstrate to the court the willingness of our clients to take action to make positive change in their own lives.

Professional Licensing Concerns

Our past clients include many professionals, including doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, brokers, stylists, barbers, and therapists. In addition to protecting your rights in court, we can handle any professional licensing disciplinary matters that can often come with criminal conviction.

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