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From assault and battery to manslaughter and murder, allegations of violent crimes require a tough defense. You want to do everything you can to build the best possible defense to have the charges you face dismissed or reduced. At the Dallas Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg, we believe everyone deserves an honorable and dignified defense. We can help you fight your murder or assault charge today.

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Having tried capital murder cases in Texas state courts as a Senior Chief Felony Prosecutor and defense attorney and having presided over capital cases as a State District Trial Judge, attorney Isenberg understands the complexities of serious violent felonies. Led by his thirty years of criminal law experience, our firm is familiar with the strategic and evidentiary demands of the standard of defenses in homicide and assault cases, including:

Defense of a Third Person

In serious violent crimes cases, having a complete and thorough understanding of the evidence is of the utmost importance. We rely heavily upon independent investigators and forensics experts to help us evaluate the evidence and understand its importance.

Once we have all the necessary information and an understanding of how the evidence works together, we will begin building your defense. As a skilled plea negotiator and experienced trial lawyer, attorney Isenberg will explore all avenues in order to achieve the best possible results.

We know what a stressful time it is for our clients who have been charged with assault, murder, and other violent crimes. That is why we are dedicated to the tireless attention to evidence from pre-indictment to trial and sentencing. We have handled capital cases before, and we understand what is at stake in cases involving violent crimes.

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