Probation Violations

Dallas Probation Violations Lawyer

In Texas, there are serious consequences for a probation violation. If you face accusations that you violated the terms of your probation, you need a lawyer who can help you take swift and assertive action, doing everything possible to keep you out of jail. At the Dallas Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg, we handle probation violations defense for people throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

What Can the Right Defense do for You?

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With 30 years of criminal law experience in Texas, attorney Randall B. Isenberg has built a strong working relationship with colleagues from all areas of the criminal justice system.

We understand what courts, prosecutors, and probation officers needs to see and hear from our clients in order to protect the state’s interests. Equally important, we know how to effectively communicate that information. We will show that you are getting the support, treatment, and counseling necessary to keep you clean and on the right track.

In these cases, we believe it is important to be proactive. We can help arrange court-ordered services and commitments, get restitution back on track, and make up for any missed obligations. We understand how to intervene effectively on both technical violations and on behalf of clients who have been arrested on new charges.

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